NEW PICS: Justin Bieber Abandoned the United States for a Little Rest and Relaxation in Sunny Panama

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Justin Bieber apparently couldn’t stand the heat, so he got out of the kitchen and onto a beach that’s far from the United States and that pesky 21-year-old drinking age.

Several international news outlets, including Telemetro, are reporting that the Biebs flew down to Panama late Friday evening and has been enjoying the sun and warm sand with several friends and one a young woman that looks an awful like his drag race passenger Chantel Jeffries.

The 19-year-old is also enjoying his newfound ability to drink alcohol without reprimand. The Central American country allows drinking at 18 years of age, as if a higher limit would stop Justin anyway.


A little birdie, the very same one who snapped some pics of Justin on the beach, said Justin was surrounded by bodyguards the entire time he and his friends were on the beach. They also weren’t allowing anyone to approach him in any shape, way, or form.

And to make matters just a little bit worse for anyone who happened to be in Justin’s path, it appears his goings in and out of the airport had an affect on anyone with plans of any kind.


The singer had been hiding out in a Miami mansion, but must have snuck out sometime yesterday. According to reports, he’s now staying at a resort in Punta Chame, which happens to be on the western side of Panama.

His international travels come just days after he was released from jail following his arrest in Miami for drag racing, DUI, and resisting arrest.