Jude Law Learns Family Sold Stories to News of the World in UK Phone Hacking Trial

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Well it sucks to be Jaw Law right about now!

Law revealed in court that he was unaware that a close family member was being paid by a newspaper to leak information about his private life.

The information was revealed during the News Of The World phone hacking trial.

The 41-year-old was questioned by former News Of The World (NOTW) editor Andy Coulson‘s lawyer, Timothy Langdale QC, about a story in 2005 about his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller having an affair with actor Daniel Craig.

Asked if he was aware at any time that a member of his “immediate family” was talking to the NOTW, he said: “I was aware later around 2011, maybe later than that, at the time I was approached about the case that the NOTW had been in contact with people in my family, trying to find things out, asking for quotes.”

Coulson’s defense lawyer wrote down a name of an alleged source on a piece of paper to show Law.

Law replied: “I was made aware very recently that there had been some kind of communication with this person and several others in and around and about this period of time. I was never aware any money had been exchanged.”

Jude’s next holiday gathering is going to be quite awkward!