WATCH: Audrina Patridge Reveals What Was Real and Fake on ‘The Hills’

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Audrina Patridge is giving all you Hills fans a reality TV reality check.

And for all the diehards, we hate to burst your starry-eyed young Hollywood dream, but those catty fights, backstabbing BFFs, dramatic tears, and coincidental run-ins were all… well… pretty much staged (insert shock and awe here).

So, we asked the hit show’s resident brunette to take a trip down memory lane about what was real and not so much.

“It’s really a mixture… some of it was real and some of it was very guided and manipulated and kind of verbally scripted,” Audrina told Celebuzz.

So just how did producers pull off such TV magic to create all the glossy drama?

“We would always have to keep our phones with us filming a scene… if we were at lunch and they’d text us like, ‘Ask her this’ or ‘Try to get this out of them.’

“Stuff like that that kind of changes your mentality of what you’d normally do because you’re doing it for TV.”

It was Audrina’s chance meeting with producer Adam DiVello at LC’s now infamous L.A. apartment building while she flaunted her killer bikini body by the pool that not surprisingly caught his attention.

And after signing on to co-star, she met Heidi Montag first… and the rest is history. But even their spontaneous meeting wasn’t quite fated in the stars.

“It was kind a of set up — they just said, ‘Do not go to the lobby or the pool for three weeks until we film because we want you guys to meet and have it be organic,'” added Audrina, who’s now hosting the NBC travel show 1st Look.

Audrina said as filming went on it actually became more and more difficult to play a character of herself.

“My biggest problem that I had to learn toward the end of the show was separating my feelings because I would kind of start caring too much and my heart would go into it… and think of it, ‘This is a show, stop putting your heart into it and thinking it’s real.'”

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