Justin Bieber’s ‘Confident’ Music Video: Cheesy Acting and Even Cheesier Pick-Up Lines

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Bieber's Scandals
The biggest Justin Bieber scandals of 2013.
What’s a boy to do when he’s slapped with criminal assault charges? Why, drop a new music video, of course!

The music video for Justin Bieber‘s “Confident” has been released and it certainly raises some serious questions. For example:

“Why does Bieber abandon his backpack behind when he runs into his love interest? Was it because it weighed him down in following stalking her?”

“Why is this convenienceĀ store so inconveniently located? It literally took the girl a minute and forty-eight seconds to reach the cash register.”

“Does Bieber always drop cheesy pickup lines involving Cheetos-like snacks? Also, does Bieber have an endorsement deal with Takis or something?”

“Where is this video supposed to take place? I’m seeing both Chinese and Korean characters in these neon signs.”

“Were these pants necessary?”

“Whose bright idea was it to put a car in the middle of a busy club?”

And — last but not least — “Why?”

Watch the full video, above, to see if you can answer some of these questions yourself.