Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Same Girl’ Music Video: In Case You Haven’t Seen ‘Jenny From the Block’ Yet

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J.Lo's Sexy Style
Meow! The singer-actress rocks the catsuit like no other.
Almost like clockwork, Jennifer Lopez is here to remind you about her Bronx roots again.

The American Idol judge has dropped the new music video for “Same Girl,” attempting to prove to the masses that she’s still good ‘ol “Jenny From the Block” by leaving the comforts of her lavish, gold-gilded apartment to ride what looks to be the cleanest 6 train ever.

At one point, J.Lo even acknowledges her obsessive insistence to remind folks about her plebeian days, crooning, “I’m tired of trying to make you see that I’m still me,” before dancing in front of a crowd of fenced-in BX residents.

Yes, because nothing says you’re part of something like physically isolating yourself from those you’re trying to connect with, right?

Watch J.Lo’s new video over at Complex.