From High End to Low End: Super Bowl Edition

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Who’s getting excited for the Super Bowl tomorrow?!  Honestly, I could care less about the game. I’m more interested in all the snacks… And the beverages, of course.  😉

Now, as a lady, one of my biggest concerns about Sunday’s big game is picking out the perfect outfit: Something I’m comfortable in that still looks cute, but that also allows me to eat and drink as much as I want!

I came across this photo of Fergie.  She’s a huge Dolphins fan… Which is unfortunate for her, as they did not make it into the Super Bowl this year.  However, fortunately for US, her outfit was on point and inspired me for today’s Super Bowl edition of High End Low End.

Fergie’s rocking some major brands in this look that probably exceed most of our price ranges:

In total, Fergie’s look costs over $1,700, but we can make this whole ensemble happen for far, but we can make this whole ensemble happen for far, FAR less.  Check it out:


Where to buy:

This pans out to be $151, which is like a tenth of what Fergie spent. Thank goodness!

Now, if you don’t have time to go out looking for some of this stuff… I hope this at least provides just a BIT of inspiration.

Do you have another look you’re planning to rock for Super Bowl? Let me know in the comments below!