Justin Bieber Makes a Pit Stop in Atlanta for Some Ice Hockey and Drag Racing With T-Pain

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You can take the boy out of Canada, but you can’t take Canada out of the boy.

Justin Bieber followed up his Super Bowl party weekend with some down time on the ice and studio time with T-Pain in ATL.

The Biebs paid a surprise visit to a local ice rink Tuesday evening where he passed the puck around with some local teens, CB! has learned, and got in a drag race or two… only it’s not quite what you think.

“No one knew he was coming,” said Marietta Ice Center employee Ivan Rodriguez. “He said he just wanted to skate a little. He said he missed playing hockey and he wanted to get some ice.”

The Canadian crooner in all his gold chain glory joined the Atlanta Knights youth hockey team practice.

“They were star-struck, but they let him join in all the plays,” Rodriguez added.

And because a rich pop star’s life is so much more awesome than just being a regular civilian, the employees let him borrow some equipment and take to the ice… for free.

Photo: Alex Ruggiero

Photo: Alex Ruggiero

Photo: Alex Ruggiero

But as Bieber knows best, fame comes with a price.

We were told he was only on the ice for about 30 minutes before he was mobbed.

“There was only a crowd of about 40 people and all we wanted was a picture,” eyewitness Alex Ruggiero told Celebuzz. “At first he seemed cool, but then he quickly got overwhelmed or something and quickly stormed out.

“Even though it was awesome seeing him, I wish he would have been more personable rather than the stereotypical stuck up celebrity that people view him as.”

But the night was still young and Bieber had places to be and people to see. What’s work without a little more play?

JB joined rapper T-Pain in the studio and satisfied his obvious insatiable need for speed, only this time not on the streets but behind the wheel in the safety of the rapper’s indoor game room with drink in hand. (Baby steps, guys.)

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram