Hey, Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen’s Threatening to Beat You Up

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The Charlie Sheen/Ashton Kutcher war of words continues. Only now, it also involves fists.

Sheen’s social media mea culpa after the former That ‘70s Show star called him out on Jimmy Kimmel for blowing him up on Twitter after he was infamously fired from Two and a Half Men, didn’t last long.

See, the Anger Management star isn’t known for restraining himself when it comes to booze, drugs, hookers, and especially Twitter rants.

So after thinking about his first polite reaction in response to Kutcher’s “shut the f**k up” quip, Sheen decided to take back the apology and replace it with a threat to put Mila Kunis’ boyfriend in the hospital.

Watch how it all got started during Ashton’s visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in the video below.