High End Low End: Get Kate Middleton’s Look for Less

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I know all your mouths dropped when you read that the Queen suggested Kate Middleton step up her fashion game… I mean, COME ON! The Duchess of Cambridge easily fits in the Top 10 Best Dressed People on the Planet.

From her collection of hats to her maternity wear and back to her perfectly fitted skinny jeans, Kate Middleton is a fashion icon in every way.  So the Queen’s recent remarks inspired me to devote today’s High End Low End post to the Duchess.  In fact, I loved two of her looks so much that I’m going to show you how to get them BOTH for less than what she spent on just one.

So, our first look comes from Day 1 of her North American tour in 2011.

How much it all costs:

In total, Kate spent well over $3000 on this outfit.  However, we found a super similar look for less than 10% of that. Check it out:

Where to buy:

And things get even better… Kate rocked those same nude shoes and clutch with a different dress (which cost her over $400), pulling together another amazing look that YOU can get for less than $100! Voilà:  


Where to buy:

I figured, since you’re saving money by purchasing a less expensive dress, you might as well spruce up the look with a statement necklace, right?  I love this one from TJ Maxx!

In total, you can get two designer looks for less than $350! Now that’s a bargain.

Would you wear these outfits? Let me know in the comments below! And get more High End Low End looks here and here!