Kanye West Air Yeezy Sneakers Going for $16 Million on eBay

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In what can only be described as insane, Nike’s Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 “Red October sneakers (which sold out in minutes) are selling on eBay for thousands of dollars. Oh, except for that one pair, whose bid is currently more than 16 million dollars. YES. $16 million.

The red high-top sneakers retail for a cool $245 and mark the final shoe collaboration between the sneaker giant and rap God. Kanye announced he will be partnering up with competitor Adidas after ranting about the Nike brand during a radio interview late last year. Kanye supposedly inked a $10-million deal with Adidas for 2014.

Nike announced the release of the sneakers yesterday via Twitter, surprising many who thought the launch of the flashy footwear had been canceled.

Of course, if you’re a celebrity like Kevin Hart, you got your pair back in December. The Ride Along actor shared this with his Instagram followers:

The comedian captioned the photo: “For my Haters…..REAL REAL REAL BITCHHHEESSSS!!! #TheyMadBecauseIgotMineSoEarly #OhYouMadCuzImStylingOnYou #LittleSwag#Connections #HowDareYou #EnoughSaid”

He might want to reconsider his hashtag abuse use … and sell those things on eBay stat!