Lord Grantham Gets Roughed Up By George Clooney, Talks About Cousin Matthew

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'Downton' Exit
Time to say farewell to Matthew Crawley.
Last week, Hugh Bonneville used a very elegant, very British term to describe his feelings over Dan Stevens Downton Abbey departure.

I had drinks with him a couple weeks ago,” Bonneville told Page Six when asked if he missed Stevens.  “But miss him on the show? I think that’s a bit too maudlin.”

Translation: “Get over it, you lot.  It’s happened, he’s no longer with us, so let’s focus on my efforts to save Downton, even though I make very bad decisions.”

Bonneville described life after Matthew as “interesting,” adding that the show “has taken on a different flavor.  New characters have come in his wake.”

And then, Bonneville got manhandled by The Monuments Men co-star George Clooney, showing a very British reaction to the embrace.