WATCH: This Is What Happens to Reporters Who Confuse Samuel L. Jackson With Laurence Fishburne

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Take note all you entertainment reporters (myself included) who plan on interviewing Samuel L. Jackson in the near future.

He doesn’t take too kindly to being confused with other film actors who are in commercials, but aren’t him.

And Los Angeles KTLA reporter Sam Rubin paid the price BIG TIME when he made that mistake.

It was all downhill during an interview Monday when the veteran local TV reporter was interviewing the Oscar-nominated actor for his upcoming flick, RoboCop: “Did you get a lot of reaction to that Super Bowl commercial?” Rubin asked.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence and a “What super bowl commercial?” reaction later, Rubin realized his gaffe and apologized.

But that wasn’t enough for the clearly insulted actor, who decided it was only fitting to unleash a multitude of insults right back.

And they included, in part:

“You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter. I’m not Lawrence Fishburne!” he reacted.

“We don’t all look alike. We may be all black and famous but we all don’t look alike!”

“You’re the entertainment reporter for this station? That must be a very short line for your job.”

“I’m the other guy… ‘What’s in your wallet?’” Jackson said of his famous tagline as the Capital One spokesperson. “There’s more than one black guy doing a commercial.”

“And I’ve actually never done a McDonalds or a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial.”

So, after at least eight attempts to move on and offer many sincere mea culpas (and even slapping himself over the blooper on TV), Jackson still wouldn’t let him off the hook.

Watch the tongue-lashing for yourself in the video above.