How Excited Are We All for ‘The Hangover Games’ Starring Tara Reid?!

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Seriously, on a scale of “a little bit tipsy” to “throwing up in the back of a taxi cab,” how excited are you about The Hangover Games, the greatest film event in our history?! Tara Reid‘s in it! Bruce Jenner‘s in it! And apparently a mascot bear with a penis is involved somehow! That last thing, in turn, inspired today’s winning captions, which you can read after the jump.

“Tara: What do you think? They Even? Ted: Give me a hug and I’ll let you know.” – Rachel

“Love has many faces I might be a bear ..covered in hair ..and I don’t care .. Tara will u be mine:)” – Sean

“Wheres Miley?” – Sonia

“Tara is getting miley’s sloppy seconds.”- Samantha

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