Kelly Rowland: I Can’t Listen to Beyonce’s Album Anymore

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Like so many of us, Kelly Rowland got a little emotional when Beyonce dropped her surprise album. However, unlike the most of us, the former X Factor judge stopped listening to it after so many plays.

I can’t listen to it because it makes me cry, but my favorite song on the album is ‘Blue.’ Also, ‘Heaven,'” she tells HuffPo Entertainment. “As soon as that song comes on, it’s something that’s very spiritual about that record that’s incredible. And ‘Flawless.'”

Nonetheless, the singer does think the album — with the feels and all — is “brilliant.”

“Genius!” Rowland gushes about its secret release. “I didn’t know what day, but I knew it was coming.”

“I’m super proud of her,” she adds.

According to Rowland, she and Bey aren’t ready for full-blown Destiny’s Child reunion tour just yet, but they’re all starting to come around to the idea.

“We haven’t talked about it, but I will definitely say that there is something … a lot of people are hoping for that right now, but we just still have our friendship above anything,” she explains. “You guys don’t get a chance to see that. That’s like, our best moments, when we actually get a chance to hang out.”