Ariana Grande is Planning to Sue Perez Hilton Over Cocaine Claims

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Perez Hiltonstarted a nasty rumor on Twitter (which he has since deleted) about singer Ariana Grande doing drugs recently (he tweeted: “@ArianaGrande Are you okay? I heard someone saw you doing cocaine at a party this weekend. Stay away from drugs, Ariana!!!”).

The blogger has reportedly had it in for Ariana ever since her fans hit back at Hilton for slamming Ariana’s hair and fashion sense at the Grammys. Her fans started bashing Perez and have even been threatening his baby (not cool) on Twitter. See his full list of tweets below.

Perez Hilton Ariana Grande Tweets Screenshot

Now Perez has taken to Instagram to rant about the situation alongside the photo below.

Here was Hilton’s statement:

“I know most @ArianaGrande fans are 12 years old- at least they almost all act like it – but ENOUGH is enough! Even 12 year olds KNOW better than to wish death on a baby and say the disgusting things that 99% of her fans have been spamming my Instagram with. I am NOT sorry I said #ArianaGrande was dressed awfully with boring hair at the Grammy Awards. I will not apologize. And, listen up, kids! For every day you continue to say vile things on my photos, I will continue to bring it to the attention of Ariana. Do YOU want her seeing all those tweets pointing to the fact that she has the worst fandom out there? She does. It’s the truth. And, at this point, her silence on this matter is shameful. Her team KNOWS what her fans are saying about my family and doing to my Instagram photos. Ariana keeping quiet is condoning and promoting that behavior! Shameful, Ariana. Shameful! Quite being such an enabler and SAY SOMETHING! Until then, I guess I will be a baby myself and do what I think I need to do to get this bullshit to stop. All this silliness started over me saying I did not like her look! I had always supported and liked Ariana. Until now! Over her! And over her fans!”

While I’m all for calling out Ariana’s fans for threatening his child, it is despicable that he made up a story about Grande having a cocaine problem.

As a result of the cocaine claim, Grande is planning on suing Hilton over his false allegations. A close Grande source tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Perez’s claims are “all lies” and “not true.”

In fact, we’re told the star is so anti-drugs that she’s even afraid to take over-the-counter medication like Tylenol.

Music insiders speculate that the cocaine allegations may be a “vendetta” by Perez, who allegedly tried to be Grande’s manager. He “approached her and got rejected,” says a close family confidant, who feels his attacks against her and her fans are “personal.”

That’s just sad and pathetic on Hilton’s part.