It’s Time for Paris Hilton to Find a New Stylist

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Do you ever have those moments you just cringe in embarrassment for someone else? That’s me, pretty much every day, with Paris Hilton.  I find myself wondering what in the world goes on in her head when she looks at herself in the mirror every morning… There’s no possible way she’s thinking that’s hot.

I’ve started wondering if perhaps her whole thing lately is a big publicity stunt to give whoever performs her bikini wax some more business because at least that would explain this whole panty-less trend.  The other theory I’ve conjured up is that she’s learning from Miley Cyrus: If you get almost naked, people notice you more, and even if you’re not really a great singer, people will go to your concerts and download your music (illegally) because you’re so rebellious and that is so cool… Stop trying to make music happen, Paris. It’s NOT going to happen.

Just like her music, her fashion sense needs some major work, too. Now, don’t get me wrong, she pulls out some cute outfits here and there, but when it comes to the big moments in her life (like her birthday party and the Grammy’s) she can’t seem to get it together.  This might not be entirely her fault, but it’s definitely in her best interest to figure out who’s fault it is and kindly move on. Plain and simple.

Launch the gallery above to see some of her most questionable outfit choices, and you, too, will understand why a new stylist is pertinent to poor Paris’ fabulous, little life.