Here’s To You, Kate Middleton

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Friends, plebs, members of the peerage – I bid you adieu after 3 years on Celebuzz and Socialite Life‘s royal beat.

When I started here in March 2011, I was knee-deep in royal engagement hullabaloo.  Things only snowballed, and now I have colleagues making delightful memes in my honor.

For my final hurrah, I’d like to share Kate Middleton GIFS that best exemplify my adoration for Her Royal Highness:

One doesn’t always have to project poise.  Sometimes one just has to let one’s glorious, God-given hair down.

Dahhh!  Pretending to have a Bridget Jones moment, then remember that one emerged victorious with the universal lottery ticket of life.

One’s aware that you woke up at 4am ET to watch one claim said universal lottery ticket.  One finds it cute that you were so wrapped up in one’s special day.

This is special, but it’s really just a warm-up to the sheer volume of gems one is about to inherit. 

Keep calm.  Don’t let them know one already has ten of what Fortnum & Mason is gifting one with.