Tara Reid Most Likely Loses a Limb in ‘Sharknado 2’

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Yesterday (February 24, 2014), actress Tara Reid made her first appearance on the set of the new TV movie Sharknado 2: The Second One in New York City.

She was joined by a chainsaw wielding Ian Ziering and Mark McGrath and a few rubber sharks while she filmed her scenes.

The 38-year-old actress looked to be missing a hand and had a wounded arm in a sling while parading around on set.

In a recent interview with Headline News, Tara revealed how she was surprised by the success of the original Sharknado movie.

“I’m just as stunned as everyone else. Come on, I did it as a joke! I didn’t even think anyone was going to see it. And then what happened has never happened before on any movie. Even now, you thought the buzz was going to stop about Sharknado, but it just keeps going.”

Will you be tuning in for the sequel? Check out more photos from the set of the movie in the gallery above.