A Closer Look at Cate Blanchett’s Oscar Style Evolution

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Okay let’s get real – when you’re dealing with someone as fashion saavy as Cate Blanchett, it is extremely hard to evolve into an even bigger Hollywood fashionista as time goes on – but alas, she’s gone and done it anyway.

Blanchett has pretty much gotten it right since she first stepped foot on the Red Carpet in 1999 and has continued to stun us every single year she has arrived at the Academy Awards, proving that her looks will always be undoubtably more fabulous than the last.

The Australian beauty has earned yet another Oscar nomination (her 6th actually) for Best Actress this year for her gripping performance in Blue Jasmine as the classic riches-to-rags New Yorker, Jasmine, who’s delusions about her current situation in life only facilitate in her never-ending downward spiral.

To honor Miss Blanchett on her nomination and commemorate her style that just keeps getting better and better, we invite you to take a look at her shining moments on the red carpet for the most anticipated Awards event of the year.

We are looking forward to seeing what she’ll wear this year – we’re rooting for you to be among the best dressed Cate!