This Could Be Your Life, But It’s Not: A Lorde and Taylor Swift Odyssey

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Part of the reason both Lorde and Taylor Swift are so appealing is that they both seem relatable and “normal,” whatever that means. You feel like you could be them, or at least “hang” with them. (Cool kids still say “hang,” right?) “We’re just a couple of pretty, young, casual girls, here on the beach, casually.” That could be you. But let’s face it: it’s not you. Don’t let Instagram fool you. We must accept this fact of life. This story is not an inspiring one, I apologize. But today’s winning captions, fortunately, are.

“Taylor….when they told you to seek the Lord for guidance, that’s not exactly what they meant.” – Jill

“What’s up beaches” – Rachelle

“In other news…..Taylor Swift spent the day getting to know her next ex-boyfriend’s next girlfriend.” – Jill

” Beauty and the Beach” – Melanie

“People be calling us ‘Taylorde'” – Pearlann

“Lorde have mercy, are those shorts Tailored?” – Kevin

“And we’ll never be royals” – Bere

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Image Source:@TaylorSwift