NEW PICS: Peek Inside Justin Bieber’s Out of This World Atlanta Pad

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Justin Bieber was only the tender age of 12 when uber-producer Dallas Austin’s Atlanta McMansion was featured on an episode of MTV Cribs.

Canada’s latest embarrassment could only dream this place would one day be his crash pad.

And that day has come… and CB! can take you inside.

The Biebs is going to have to squeeze his entourage into the 4-bedroom spread, but maybe they can sleep in the 7 bathrooms.

The whopping 10,500 square foot party pad was built from scratch, which Austin has deemed his “art piece.”

And that’s not the only custom artwork. Andy Warhol painted a special canvas just for him.

So when the bad boy Bieber’s not hanging at the arcade or talking to pandas at the zoo, there’s more than enough room to chill here or do whatever he does with those bongs cops found in his Escalade.

The circular spaceship-shaped home is surrounded by 360-degrees of glass walls for a feng shui feel, huge living rooms dripping with cascading crystal adornments, indoor bar with an underwater view of the pool, and chef’s kitchen when Biebs gets the munchies.

There’s even special access to the 19-year-old’s master suite on the top floor via a private elevator with its own terrace, ‘60s-style round bed and views of the infinity pool.

Go inside Bieber’s new temporary home in the CB! gallery above.

And watch the MTV Cribs episode in the video below.