5 Reasons I’m Confused About Ariana Grande and Chris Brown’s Collaboration

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Late last night Chris Brown revealed a surprise I don’t think anyone really saw coming…

The “With You” singer shared a photo on his Instagram, dancing shirtless with none other than Ariana Grande and captioned it “Coming soon!”

Though we know Brown is still involved with Karrueche Tran, he appears to be enjoying every second of the moment, holding tightly to Ariana’s leg as they gaze intently into each others’ eyes… And it kind of grosses me out, to be honest.

How can such a sweet, innocent girl find herself wrapped around a man who continues to prove he’s, well, a huge f*cking douche?

While the two might look comfortable together in this photo, the collaboration is no doubt a strange decision.

Here’s where my confusion lies:

  1. Chris Brown is still in a huge legal mess and has himself a lot of haters after all of his crazy outburst. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is just now launching into her music career.  Why collaborate with someone who’s so disliked at the very beginning?
  2. Ariana Grande is known for her squeaky-clean image and more conservative approach to her career, which has gained her respect in the industry as well as from her followers.  On the other hand, Chris Brown leads a horrific reputation with a fading fan base and even less of an appeal in the music world.
  3. Speaking of, Grande’s fan base is mostly teenage girls and younger who are highly influenced by their famous mentors… Seems like her collaboration with a woman-beatercriminal doesn’t send the best message to her followers, right?
  4. I understand working with someone who’s as well-liked as Ariana Grande might add a hint of positivity to Chris Brown’s dwindling career, but what’s in it for Ariana? There are tons of great, R&B singers who can dance (Um. Hi: Usher, Trey Songz, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars) that would have been a great choice for both parties involved.
  5. What the HELL was her publicist possibly thinking?

Let’s just hope this doesn’t totally screw over Ariana’s career… She’s one of the few actually talented singers out there right now.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ariana Grande should be working with Chris Brown? Let me know in the comments below.