It’s Friday, So Enjoy This Photo of Robert Pattinson Skipping With a Cow

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This photo of Robert Pattinson skipping with a cow (he’s shooting a new film called Life) perfectly encapsulates that contradictory, surreal feel of Fridays. You’re so happy it’s almost the weekend, but that “almost” really throws a wrench in things. Still, it’s better to skip with a cow than to be trampled by one, so… optimism? Fridays! Yay! Also yay: today’s winning captions.

“Still a better love story than Twilight.” – Catherine

“Bet you wouldn’t cheat on me like that other cow did!” – Laura

“My cow looks happier than Bella” – Liz

“Holy cow its cold out here!” – Nicola

“I’m Gonna have a milkshake! ” – Stephanie

“In the voice of David Attenborough ‘As we can see Kristen takes her role as an actress quite seriously, she puts on the cow suit and induldges the male before eating him alive in order to put on a few extra pounds…now that’s what I call dedication'” – Kirsty

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