NEW PICS: Meet the Blackface Prankster Who Insulted Kim Kardashian at the Vienna Opera Ball

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Kim Kardashian was the belle of the ball Thursday night in Vienna, but before the clock struck midnight she was outta there… and we can understand why.

The reality star was reportedly so insulted that a guest at the Vienna Opera Ball donned blackface and introduced himself as her fiancé Kanye West that she left the famous event none too pleased.

And CB! has the first photos of the guy who came up with the bright idea to wear a racist costume to try to get Kim’s attention.

The culprit’s name is Chris and is described as the “naughtiest” society reporter in Austria. He’s also a comedian whose shtick is to dress in costume every year for the ball. He wanted to get an interview with Kim, hence he mistakenly thought the get-up would work, but local reports from his TV employer indicate he never intended it to be an “act of racism.”

The reporter took to his Facebook page to apologize, saying, “I am very sorry that the story went so bad and was completely misunderstood. I am an Arab, born in Austria! I wanted in a small way to be racist in this action/situation and am sorry to all, who felt themselves attacked!”

And the look on Kim’s face during this TV interview uncovered first by Celebuzz, says it all. German actor and comedian Oliver Pocher did an interview with Kim and momager Kris Jenner and  when asked if he was going to dance at the ball he responded “Yes, we’re going to dance. We’re going to wait for ‘Niggas In Vienna,'” a reference to Kanye and Jay-Z’s song, “Niggas In Paris.” He laughed, he was trying to make a joke, but clearly Kim didn’t think it was funny.

But Kim wasn’t the only one not laughing that night. Her billionaire date, Richard Lugner, who paid her $500K to be the VIP guest of honor, wasn’t in on the joke.

Not only did she announce during a press conference at Lugner’s shopping center the day before that she wasn’t going to dance the waltz during the ball and would only watch from afar, but she exited the ball just as her contractual obligation was up and didn’t stay for dinner or dancing.

 “Kim annoys me,” he said in an article translated by Celebuzz, “because she doesn’t follow the schedule.”

For more pics of the blackface dude, click through the CB! gallery above.

And to watch the awkward interview with an unimpressed Kim and Kris, watch the video below.

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