Bitch Stole My… HAIR!

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Nicole's Style Evolution
Nicole Richie's fashion through the years.
Thanks to this post, “Purple Rain” won’t stop resounding in my head… But instead of rain, I keep hearing hair.

Anywho, Nicole Richie changed up her ‘do! The designer shared photos on Instagram of some bright, purple tresses, which are awfully reminiscent of Kelly Osbourne‘s signature style.

However, we all know Kelly can’t claim purple hair for herself… That would be like Miley Cyrus saying she’s the only one who can rock a blonde pixie. (Just kidding… Beyoncé proved that one wrong).

Last week Richie posted a picture of herself with some photoshopped purple locks, but it appears this time she’s for real… Whether or not it’s permanent is another story.  But I totally think she should keep the color for a little while.  It looks awesome!

What do you think? Whose locks do you like better? Vote below!