Britney Spears’ ‘Piece of Me’ Las Vegas Residency Is So Good It’ll Drive You, and Her, Crazy

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I saw Britney Spears live at the height of her powers — in 2004 on the Onyx Hotel Tour — and so photos like this, taken from her Las Vegas residency, make me ever so slightly sad. Today’s winning captions have cheered me up a bit, though!

“‘I’m going Craaaaaazy, I just can’t see, I’m so excited, I need to pee, woooooah, Craaaaazy, but it feels alright, maybe I’ll just go to sleep now, yeah I think I might'” – Nav

“If I hold my ears, and can’t hear myself, they can’t hear me either…right, right?!?! Oh baby baby…” – Amy

“Why am I still doing this ” – Mj

“Oh please, make the voices stop.” – Lisa

“Is that Stiffler’s mom?” – Jennifer

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