Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt Explains Why He’s the “Skinny, Tattooed Guy”

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Kendall Schmidt is perfectly comfortable being the boy bander from Big Time Rush.

But when it comes to bulking up on the weight bench like his buff bandmates, he’d rather take his shirt off in the tattoo chair.

“I don’t wanna work out that much! I mean, I’m athletic, if you’ve ever seen our show. I burn like 3,000 calories every night,” said the former Nickelodeon star, who’s releasing his first solo single “Parallel” March 25.

“But honestly, I’m at the mercy of their workout schedule, which kind of frustrates me,” Schmidt told CB! of Carlos Pena and new DWTS hoofer James Maslow’s priority to pump iron on the road.

“When we get to a country, the first thing is, finding a gym,” he added. “Rather than like, what I want. I wanna go to the hotel and do nothing. And they wanna go to the gym. ‘Where’s the nearest gym? We gotta pump it.’ You know? It’s ridiculous!”

But have you seen Carlos and James, lately? Gym time is obviously working out big time.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

“We were in Ecuador and I showed up the other day, not to work out, but to play racketball, and I walked into the hotel gym and they’re like ‘what are you doing here?’ It was all four of us in the gym at the same time,” he said. “So they were shocked! I was like guys, ‘I work out,’ I’m just not like, you know, meat head-y.

“I’m the skinny, tattooed guy. I like that,” Kendall added of his eight tats and counting.

“I just got one in South America — it’s an outline of South America with a music note in it,” he revealed.

Kendall has even dedicated precious body real estate to his best (furry) friend.

“I have a big one of my dog’s face,” he said.

But you won’t see him channeling Justin Bieber-inspired sleeves: “He has very Latin-like tattoos. A lot of Jesus, a lot of all that stuff. “I don’t need all kinds of angels,” he said. “So, I’m just gonna stick with things that like… look cool.”