If Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne Bury the Hatchet and No One’s Around to See It, Does Anyone Care?

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Well, this is certainly one way to end a really stupid feud. Congratulations, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne, for finally acting maturely. Or something. And congratulations to the authors of today’s winning captions.

“This bloody b*tch was NOT Born This Way!!!” – Nikki

“Omg that scarf so matches my hair , give it to me!” – Deanna

“Where’s my slice of pizza?” – Carolina

“She may be choking me but I’ll keep my poker face” – Pruzy

“Who let the freaks out?” – Alyca

“Strike a pose oh wait that’s in a madonna song!” – Nehkeyh

Elton john in the back like I’m more of a diva then both of you…” – Alyson

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