“I’m Obsessed With It”: Allison Williams Rocks Her Engagement Ring on ‘Late Night’

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Appearing on Late Night the night after her father, Allison Williams was happy to show off her brand new engagement ring. “I’m obsessed with it,” she said. “I stare at it a lot.”

Williams just got engaged to Ricky Van Veen, the founder of CollegeHumor.com. The two have been dating for three years. “I was completely surprised,” Williams said of the proposal. “The funniest thing about that is I consider myself someone who is impossible to surprise, and yet I am constantly surprised by things. But I walk around the world poised and ready for a surprise.”

While Williams is ready for marriage, her Girls character Marnie absolutely is not. But Williams talked about some of her better characteristics.

“I really feel for her and there are often times when I wish I had more Marnie in me,” she said. “Like, she has really no embarrassment, it’s amazing. And she has no idea how she comes off a lot of the time.”

Well Marnie’s a mess, for sure, but it looks like Allison Williams has got it all figured out.