Nick Cannon Loves Livin’ Large, But Wants to Downsize

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It must be nice to be loaded.

Nick Cannon and his diva other half Mariah Carey are selling their home in Los Angeles and theAmerica’s Got Talent host has the perfect explanation.

They just have too many mansions to keep up with.

You know, rich people problems.

“We’re never in L.A.,” he told Celebuzzat the QVC Red Carpet Style party in Los Angeles. “We’ve got a lot of other homes.”

For those of you not in the know, Mrs. and Mrs. Carey… we mean, Cannon… put their multi-wing Bel Air mansion on the market for just under $13 million in the last couple weeks and they’re banking on their star power to cash in an extra $6M or so (They bought it in 2009 for about $7M.)

Although the DJ is trying to pull his financial weight with his AGT gig, Vegas shows, and now by hocking his new Ncredible tablet, his songstress wife is most definitely earning the bulk of the bucks, including $18 million for American Idol, and earning her the No. 10 spot on the Forbes’ highest paid women in music in 2013.

And, at the end of the day, Cannon is really just tired of traipsing from one end of the manse to the other.

“The house is way too big and as big as it is, it’s almost like all the bedrooms are so far away that I want my bedrooms to be closer to my kids,” he said of their 2-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. “So it’s stuff like that, that you can’t rearrange,” he said.

“It’s like you might as well just sell the house and get something that makes a little bit more sense for our family.”

Besides, the family man is no longer living the bicoastal jet-setting lifestyle. And because money is clearly no option, they’re just going to build another mega-mansion anyway.

“We’re mostly on the East Coast anyway, so it’s kinda like, alright, we’re not rushing to sell this house, but if someone buys it, we’ll probably build another one in New York, somewhere. That’s the idea,” Cannon explained.

But, let’s get real, the majority breadwinner is the one who’s really calling the shots.

“She [Mariah] wants to be by the water, that’s all it is,” he smiled. “If it’s by the water, she’s happy.”

Cannon is clearly living by the Housewives motto, “happy life, happy wife.”