Prince Harry Starts the Invictus Games in the UK for Wounded Soldiers

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What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.
Did you need some charming royalty in your day? Good, because we have it for you in the form of Prince Harry.

The redheaded royal was the talk of London today (March 6) when he announced that he was starting the Invictus Games in the UK. What are the Invictus Games you ask? They’re a paralympic-style competition for ill and wounded service members. And if that sounds like the Warrior Games we have in America, that’s cause it is. 

After his visits to the states where he participated in the Warrior Games, Harry was inspired  to start a similar thing across the pond. As he told reporters it was “such a good idea by the Americans that it had to be stolen.” Alright Prince Harry, you can have this, but only because we love you.

The royal even partook in some of the preliminary games today at the former Olympic Park in east London. Look at him, playing some sitting volleyball. Very cool. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Prince Harry joining in the fun. Gotta love that royal.