Shakira’s Boyfriend Girard Pique Won’t Let Her Collaborate With Male Singers

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Meet Shakira's Baby
Shakira and Gerard Pique debut a picture of their son, Milan.
Her hips don’t lie, and they’re also banned from doing their thang in front strange men too.

According to Shakira, her longtime boyfriend and father of her child, Girard Piqué, does not allow her to star in music videos with the opposite sex anymore.

“He’s very territorial, and since he no longer lets me do videos with men, well, I have to do them with women,” she says, referring to her steamy “Can’t Remember to Forget You” collaboration with Rihanna. “It’s more than implied in our relationship that I can’t do videos like I used to.”

Shakira, who has previously appeared in music videos alongside male artists like Wyclef Jean, El Cata, and Pitbull, explains that she actually appreciates Pique’s say in who her co-stars should be.

“It’s out of the question  which I like, by the way,” she says. “I like that he protects his turf and he values me, in a way that the only person that he would ever let graze my thigh would be Rihanna.”

Last June, the Colombian songstress told Elle that she had nothing to offer her soccer superstar beau “beyond [her] womanhood.”

“He has his own world and that’s actually one of the healthiest things about the relationship,” she said. “I know that he’s the one person who is with me not because of any interest other than the love that unites us.”