NEW VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Shows His Complete Disdain for the U.S. Legal System

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Somehow in the middle of touring the world, getting arrested, and generally just pissing off most of America, Canadian citizen Justin Bieber got his law degree in the United States.

And with only a high school diploma under his belt, that’s a pretty incredible feat.

That is, if you watch the 20-year-old boy wonder take on the opposing attorney during his recent deposition, he becomes increasing hostile when it comes to the line of questioning and even objects… yes, objects… as evidenced by new videos obtained by Celebuzz.

And who knew the superstar was even paying attention, given the fact that when he’s not nodding off, mumbling, sighing, swerving in his chair, giving the death stare, or using the camera as his own personal audition tape, he could even find the time to be more of an a-hole.

Bieber is asked by the lawyer for Miami paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who’s suing the troubled pop star claiming his bodyguard roughed him up last year, to watch footage where he can be heard instructing his bodyguard to “get the pap out of here.”

Because Biebs is also an expert in all things media, he takes issue with the attorney’s use of the word “film.”

And when he’s asked about his knowledge when it comes to his security punching, grabbing and pushing photogs, well, he didn’t like that either and got “confused.”

Now, that doesn’t surprise us at all.

You have to see it to ‘belieb’ the arrogance.

Watch the CB! videos above and below to be entertained by Bieber’s douchebaggery.

We especially appreciate when he flashes the hang ten sign below.