Kim Kardashian’s Go-To Look Has Become Way Too Predictable

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There really should be a rule in fashion that if you like a certain look, you should never wear it to death.

If there was, then maybe Kim Kardashian would be able to find something else to wear besides crop tops and tight pencil skirts every day – but I highly doubt it.

For quite a while now, the reality TV star has made it know that she’s partial to the cropped tank and high waisted skirt silhouette, and by “partial” I mean she is literally incapable of wearing anything else, or at least that’s what seems to be the case.

Because of this, I now imagine Kim’s closet to appear shockingly similar to that of a cartoon character, where they have one kind of shirt and one kind of bottom, and that’s it (my absolute nightmare).

Thus, I have grown bored of seeing the same outfit in variations continually over the past several months and sincerely wish she would retire it for a while.

Her persistent wearing of the combination makes me to wonder if Miss Kardashian truly believes that nothing else looks good on her? To which I say nonsense! Although I suppose we can only (eagerly) wait until Kim comes to that conclusion herself and surprises us by wearing something different and new the next time she hits the town.

Hopefully not wearing that look to nausea as well.

Click through the gallery above to see the queen of crop tops and pencil skirts in her many renditions of this look.