Shailene Woodley’s Poop Smells Like Metal and 6 Other Fun Facts

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Okay, so we know Shailene Woodley is a little on the, er, weirder side (Remember that one time she gave Jimmy Fallon a penis-shaped root?).

But we’ve never, EVER seen her like this…

In an interview with Into the Gloss, Woodley dives into her personal life, beauty secrets and a few other interesting facts (to say the least).  She explains how she lives a more organic life, wearing only 100% Pure makeup and preferring natural healing over anything else.

And then things got interesting…

From talking about her bowel movements to explaining her vaginal health habits, here are 7 things you never knew about Shailene:

  1. Her poop smells like metal. Why? Because she eats clay… Because apparently clay is one of the healthiest things you can eat.
  2. If she wasn’t an actress she would harvest fruit.  She’s fascinated by how her body reacts and poops digests fruit.  She says she would open an elixir bar to help people with their aches and pains.
  3. She often talks to her taxi drivers.  A taxi driver was actually who inspired her to eat clay.  She tells everyone they should talk to their taxi drivers to learn more.
  4. She swishes her mouth with coconut or sesame oil every morning.  It whitens her teeth.
  5. She tans her vagina.  She says to help with yeast infections or genital issues, just “spread your legs and get some sunshine.” (What she doesn’t say, though… You probably won’t want to this in public.  People get in big trouble for stuff like that.)
  6. She doesn’t believe in wearing fake eye lashes or hair extensions. Basically she agrees… She thinks she’s really pretty. (She is.)
  7. She only shampoos her hair once a month. … No wonder she’s single.

All in all, I’m more obsessed with Shailene Woodley than ever before.  I always appreciate a girl who can joke about her own fecal matter, and I’ve never been one to wash my hair often.

If you want to get even more weirded out and slightly more obsessed, read her full article here.