Kristin Cavallari on Being Compared to Lauren Conrad

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Kristin Cav's Bikini Shoot
The reality star rocks a purple bikini.
Kristin Cavallaribegan a new adventure last night, kicking off the premiere of her new show The Fabulist.

However, the move didn’t come without some long-standing comparisons… To Lauren Conrad, of course.

With Cavallari taking on new fashion and lifestyle ventures–from her line of shoes with Chinese Laundry to hosting her own show on E!–media outlets continue to assume she’s trying to follow in LC’s footsteps.  As you know, Lauren has become a fashion and beauty mogul herself, upholding several clothing lines, running The Little Market and and still maintaining her own personal blog.

The comparisons no longer affect Kristin, though.  “I’ve been getting them for ten years,” the 27-year-old Laguna Beach star told HuffPost.  “It’s been a part of my career since day one… I expect it, it is what it is, but it doesn’t bother me.  I mean, there’s worse people to be compared to.”

And as a soon-to-be Mommy of two, I respect that Kristin no longer plays into the games of her past.  She says The Fabulist will  help separate the “bitchy” girl everyone viewed her as from the person she is today.

“Once I had my first baby, things really changed. I feel like people started to see me in a different light,” she said. “On Laguna Beach and The Hills, I was sort of known as the party girl, the wild child, the bitch… And I mean, listen 18 to 22, yeah, I had a lot of fun! That’s what you’re supposed to do at that age. But I felt like having a baby was a turning point and people were sort of like, ‘Okay, maybe she’s not that same girl that she used to be.'”

Not to mention, Kristin’s new show is far from anything we’ve seen out of LC.  The Fabulist is more edgy, talking about going braless and showing off perky nipples, while Lauren Conrad maintains that innocent, girl-next-door, conservative appeal… There’s really no comparison at all!

You can catch her new show on Mondays on E! at 8:30/7:30 C.  And to see the clips from last night’s premiere, click here.