Jennifer Lawrence Plays a Mean Air Guitar

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J-Law Gif Party
J-Law brings the J-LOLs.
She may be renown worldwide for her incredible acting skills (and awkward GIF-able moments), but Jennifer Lawrence is hiding a secret talent that deserves just as much appreciation…

The girl can play a damn good air guitar!

In a deleted scene from American Hustle that was just released, J. La boogied on down to some good ol’ Santana, singing the 1969 hit “Evil Ways” and causing us all to fall even more in love with her.

She lip synced, she hair flipped, she rocked out and she pulled off an air guitar we can all truly appreciate… Because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there–drowning our sorrows in some rock ‘n roll as we head bang the thought of our boyfriend cheating right on out of our thoughts.

… Just me?

Anyway, check out the video above to see the full four-minute clip in all its glory!