Watch Oprah Tell Lindsay Lohan to “Cut the Bullsh*t”

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As each of us walks our separate path along this road we call life, we each stumble and sometimes we fall. Sometimes we need the help of a family member or friend to help us find our way again. And sometimes, when we’re Lindsay Lohan, we need a hand hug and a swift kick in the ass from Oprah. On last night’s episode of Lohan’s OWN “docu-series,” we finally got what we’d been waiting for: the Lindsay-Oprah come to Jesus moment.

You see, Lindsay had been pulling some stunts and Oprah does not suffer fools. So Oprah schedules a sit-down with Lindsay that ultimately boils down to two simple truths: “keep your commitments” and “cut the bullshit.”

During their chat, Oprah also asked Lindsay about her sobriety, which she claimed to be maintaining. So at least that’s good news! And Lindsay got an Oprah Hug™ out of the whole thing, so ultimately it was probably worth it.

Now it’s only a matter of time before “You need to cut the bullshit” – Oprah paraphernalia starts popping up all over Etsy.

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