WATCH: ‘80s Child Star Corey Feldman Spoofs Former BFF Michael Jackson in Bizarre Music Video

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Would Michael Jackson be proud?

We’re not so sure.

Child star Corey Feldman, who befriended the King of Pop during the 1980s when he rose to fame in such flicks as The Goonies and Stand By Me, is oddly paying tribute to his longtime pal in a weird new video parodying the icon’s most famous moments.

Feldman, who’s shockingly releasing his first album, plays a henpecked husband who spends most of his on-camera time browsing his iPad and dancing alongside skanky lingerie clad, tatted-up, winged backup angels wearing a “Smooth Criminal” Zoot suit and gold embellished black Lycra ensemble a la “Bad” complete with white socked loafers. He even attempts MJ’s infamous leg kick and zombie “Thriller” moves.

It left us saying more ‘Uh?’ than “Duh!”

But you can judge for yourself in the video above.