Miley Cyrus Apparently Ruined a Little Girl’s Make-A-Wish Moment

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Miley Cyrus' face gets stuck in someone's dirty pillows.
Miley Cyrus may have just disappointed a little girl battling an aggressive form of bone cancer.

RadarOnline claims seven-year-old Miley Hodge, who has Stage IV Osteosarcoma, was looking forward to meeting the “Wrecking Ball” singer, although Justin Bieber was her first choice. A family friend told Radar, “The family went to Los Angeles and were put off for nearly a week before they met [Cyrus]. They finally met at the recording studio … and Cyrus was more interested in what she was doing in the studio than paying attention to the little girl.”

Hodge, whose family hails from Louisville, Kentucky, was originally hoping to meet pop star Justin Bieber.  Miley “loves Justin, his music and that he tells her never to give up on her dreams. Her dream is to meet him one day, only she doesn’t have many days left,” another friend of the family’s revealed.

Unfortunately, Bieber has not been available and Miley chose her namesake as her second choice. Radar did reach out to the little girl’s father Bert and all he said was that his daughter was “grateful for the chance to meet Cyrus in person.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has not commented on the incident.

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