WATCH: Channing Tatum Helps Teen With Stage-4 Cancer Check Off her Bucket List

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We already knew how absolutely adorable Channing Tatum is… But he just brought on a whole new level of amazing-ness.

Alisa Finley, an 18-year-old who was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer, came up with a 48-item bucket list of all the things she wishes to do in life.

And at the very top? A kiss from Prince Channing Tatum himself.

While Alisa has already checked several things off her list, Tatum helped grant her highest wish virtually.

The actor sent her a kiss though a one-minute video, including shots of by himself as well as a couple of him and Jenna Dewan-Tatum during Vanity Fair‘s Oscar party.

Watch the video below and prepare to fall even more in love with the Hollywood hunk: