More Divorce Drama: Johnny Weir Has to Sell One of His $15,000 Faberge Eggs to Pay Lawyers

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Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov aren’t just splitting up their pup.

The over-the-top ice skater also has to part ways with one of his just as over-the-top Faberge eggs worth a whopping $15K to pay his lawyers (gasp!)

And he’s going to have to pony up a lot more of his prized possessions, CB! has learned.

During an 8-hour hearing with the estranged couple’s attorneys Wednesday, a New Jersey judge ordered the Olympian to not only pay all of his hubby’s bills, but to fork over an extra $1,000 in cash every month — to the sweet tune of about $6,000.

Yikes! Looks like those expensive Birkins and fur coats may very well come in handy.

In addition to the ridiculously expensive collector’s egg, Weir also has to hock one of his flashy rings, all of which will be put in a trust to pay legal bills on both sides.

“That is rare especially when you have an able bodied person who can go work,” Voronov’s crisis manager Wendy Feldman told CB! of the judge’s order.

“The main thing is these two men, but the judge has also made this clear she is going to treat this case as she would any divorce. This is a real test of our system and how it will handle gay divorce. The judge is playing very fair.”

That means locking up all the assets, literally.

“They have some storage facilities keys of which have been turned over to the court to guarantee no one sells things without the approval of the court,” added Feldman.

“There are some real discrepancies as for what Johnny says he has as assets and what reality is and we will be handling that with assistance of forensic accounts. A paper trial does exist.There’s got to be some liquid assets and cash,” said Feldman, including art and other luxury items like Weir’s collection of 55 Chanel and Hermes handbags, 20 fur coats (including a $125,000 Sable), and Cartier jewelry.

In a tell-all interview with Access Hollywood, Weir claimed he was the victim of significant mental and physical abuse by his estranged husband of two years, even going so far as to say his friends saw Voronov “hit” him. But Feldman claims just the opposite.

“I have emails that prove otherwise. Johnny is apologizing for him being perpetrator of abuse. I have yet to see anything showing Victor was perpetrator of any abuse.”

Victor and Johnny married on New Year’s Eve in 2011. Photo: Getty

In the emails, she adds, Johnny apologizes not only for cheating on his husband, but also for his mother, who Johnny said in his Access interview was at the crux of their domestic dispute in January that landed him in jail.

According to the police report obtained by Celebuzz, Voronov accuses Weir of biting, scratching and hitting him as their argument escalated, leaving him with injuries to his arm, leg and body.

Voronov also told police there were other incidents where he was physically hurt by Weir, including when Weir “tackled” him, fights which Weir rationalized were not “often, but…we’re boys, boys fight, boys wrestle boys,”

“There’s talk about throwing a wooden Russian doll, that Johnny had thrown at his [Voronov’s] head,” Feldman added.

Voronov also believes Weir cheated on him “many” times.

“We have absolute proof there was sexual relationships going on with other parties,” she added.

For now, their dog Tema seems to be the only one in the middle of the continuing saga.

“There’s a lot of drama that comes along with being Johnny Weir,” said Feldman.

For now, they will both take care of the beloved pooch, but with restraining orders in place on both sides, the police will have to stay involved until if and when the pair can get along.

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“They will go like any couple exchanging children,” she added. “Sadly, probably unless they can work something out else, they’ll go to the Sheriffs station and do it in the parking lot.”

Keep your snout up, Tema.