Canada Stopped Liking Justin Bieber, Too

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While America has been trying to deportJustin Bieber back to his home country, it appears Canada isn’t willing to take him back.

At Canada’s annual music awards show on Sunday night (the Junos), the “As Long as You Love Me” singer was honored with the Juno Fan Choice award for the fourth year in a row, and instead of a roar of cheers, the crowd erupted is a chorus of boos.

Bieber wasn’t in attendance to accept the award, but he took to Twitter to show his appreciation.

Though it appeared very few fans were in support of the singer’s big win, several Canadian pop stars took the opportunity to express some kind words on the Biebs’ behalf.

Serena Ryder completed her acceptance speech in favor of Justin, saying he “worked his ass off” to get to this point.  Meanwhile, Tegan and Sara mentioned how the boos were “not very Canadian.”

“I think that Justin Bieber is actually a very talented artist, and I think a lot of people just like to pile on and sort of make fun of him, but we have to remember that he has a mom and a dad and a grandma and a grandpa, and he’s actually talented,” Tegan said.  “He’s been famous since he was a little kid.  He’s made some mistakes, but God knows Sara and I have made actually way worse mistakes when we were teenagers and we weren’t famous.”

Looks like Canada won’t be getting that Taco Bell breakfast after all…