Gets All the Details on Johnny Depp’s $125,000 Matching ‘Man-gagement Ring’

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You know what they say: The couple that wears jewelry together, stays together.

At least that’s what Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are hoping for when it comes to happily ever after.

The heartthrob recently showed off his matching engagement bling, and leave it to Depp to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the ‘man-gagement ring.’

“Johnny and Amber are leading one of the newest trends here,” jewelry expert Michael O’Connor told Celebuzz. “And 17 percent of men today said they would wear an engagement ring. So I doesn’t surprise me from him. He’s not afraid of jewelry and dressing himself. He likes to be on the cutting edge.”

So, of course, Depp wouldn’t settle for anything less than his fashion star wife-to-be, who as CB! exclusively reported got engaged on Christmas Eve.

“These rings may not be exactly the same in every detail, but are inspired by a similar enough look, each with slight differences that symbolizes the uniqueness of each,” O’Connor added.

So let’s get to the decadent details.

Both are round brilliant cut diamonds, according to our expert. Depp is donning roughly a 5-carat diamond, while Heard’s is approximately 3 carats, he estimates.

Photo: FameFlyNet

Photo: FameFlyNet

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But that’s not all. Both big center baubles have pave diamonds on each side, bringing the totals to about 7 carats and 4 carats… for a grand total of $125,000 and $80,000, respectively.

We all knew the Don Juan DeMarco of the big screen was a hopeless romantic and now he’s a seriously a big spender. But what’s money when you’re as in love as these two clearly are.

“With his hand size compared to hers, there has to be a disparity,” added O’Connor.

“The diamond-set platinum mountings symbolize the unchanging nature of love, as the platinum will remain white and unchanged for life. And the cut is supposed to maximize the sparkle of the diamond.”

Close friends and family of the gorgeous couple like Marilyn MansonSteven Tyler and Mandy Moore first got to see their impeccable taste in jewelry at their intimate engagement party March 14 in downtown L.A.