Lauren Conrad’s Fake Purple Hair Is Why April Fools’ Day Is the Worst Holiday

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LC goes purple
Lauren Conrad shares a snap of her new hairdo.
We interrupted our regularly scheduled programming yesterday to bring you a story about Lauren Conrad and her hair. You see, Conrad had posted a picture onto her website of herself with purple hair. But was it real? No, it was not. It was all a dumb April Fools’ Day prank and that’s why we can’t have April Fools’ Day anymore.

While Conrad has not popped up on any of her various social media accounts to take the customary “April fools!” bow, her hairstylist posted the shot to Instagram with a list of steps to get the same hue. “To get this exact shade of purple, we went out and gathered rare amethyst stones. Next, we ground them up by hand until they turned into a fine powder. Then we added 2 pinches of grape koolaid. Mix that in a bowl with 2 oz. of mermaid tears. Apply all over and let it sit for 16 hours. Lather, rinse, repeat. #aprilfoolsyall #shedoesntevenlikepurple” Okay, we get it. It’s a joke.

The problem is, it’s not a funny joke. And that’s not LC’s fault! April Fools jokes are never funny! Here is one from Good Day New York:

If we’re to define April Fools’ Day as a holiday celebrated by tricking others into believing something that isn’t true (as a fool would do), that’s not even a real April fools. It’s just some guy in a mask scaring the crap out of his co-worker.

And this is the problem with April Fools’ Day: it’s an annual “holiday” dedicated to tricking each other into believing something that isn’t true. But on the internet, that’s happening every day. That “twerking fail” wasn’t real. Neither was that wolf in the Sochi Olympics athlete housing. And, no, this is still not a picture of Hurricane Sandy hitting New York City. Has an internet prank ever amused you in the end? No, it’s annoying and everyone hates it.

The internet is arguably humankind’s most valuable source of news and information; there is no reason to encourage polluting it with pranks and hoaxes. Let’s just say no to April Fools’ Day.