Read the Text Messages Ramona Singer’s Cheating Husband Allegedly Sent to His Might-Be-Pregnant Mistress

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Two months after Ramona Singer filed for divorce, she has reportedly let her philandering husband back into their Manhattan home.

But she better not be too quick to let him back into her heart by the looks of these text messages.

In Touch apparently got its hands on 40 text messages that Mario Singer’s 32-year-old girlfriend Kasey Dexter had the nerve to send to Ramona, so she would know her two-timing TV hubby is still fooling around on her.

It all started last weekend when Mario moved back in to their Upper East Side apartment and he spilled the beans on his Boca Raton, Florida getaway with Dexter. So, Ramona did what any scorned Real Housewife of NYC would do — she attacked him and then had sex with him (sorry for the visual).

But the reality star isn’t the only one bedding her husband (obviously)… but in Kasey’s case, their intimate trist could have gotten her pregnant… again!

The first time Kasey reportedly got an abortion, but that won’t happen again.

“When she and Mario were in Boca, they didn’t use condoms,” says the mag’s source. “She’s made it clear that if she’s pregnant again, she won’t get an abortion. She loves him and believes they should be together.”

And Ramona says she knows her husband still loves her. Well, she obviously hasn’t read the alleged text messages between Mario and Kasey (below). It could just be what Ramona needs to finally leave Mario for good.

Kasey: Omg yesssss I really am missing you so much

Mario: We stopped in there last night for a bit. Than went across the street to Virginia

Mario: This town is not for young people.

Mario: I’m missing your lips and eyes and laugh and (bleep) and (bleep) and (bleep) and…

Mario: Hahah

Mario: Yea and you know I don’t like to share you!!!!

Kasey: What did you have for dinner? I want kiss you so bad.

Mario: Salmon. Very good. Than went to an ice cream shop on 5th st

Kasey: Don’t worry I was good girl. Wasn’t in the mood.

Mario: This just hours before you told me how much you missed me and “love” me. All lies!!!! And I tell you how much I miss you and think about you and even dream about you. I must be the biggest idiot on the (bleep) planet to care so much about a girl like you. You don’t give a (bleep) about anyone but yourself. Kasey you have taken hurting me to a new level.

What do you think — Should Ramona finally leave Mario for good? Tell us below.