8 Reasons I’m Sickly Obsessed With Emma Watson

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Don’t hate me for saying this but… I am not at all a Harry Potter fan. (I just can’t do fantasy! It’s not my thing!)

Let me redeem myself by saying I am, however, a huge fan of Emma Watson, and my love for her has escalated to a sick obsession after seeing her wearing pants on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year.

Since then, she’s been everywhere, showing off her amazingly chic sense of style and cute little figure for the events surrounding the premiere of Noah.  But it’s neither her career nor dashing looks that are as enticing as what she does beyond the public eye.

So let me convince you that my obsession with her is okay by presenting these eight facts that make her really f*cking cool:

  1. She’s intelligent.  The girl is about to graduate from Brown University, which is an Ivy League school.  Like… She’s hot, she’s successful and she’s a genius?! Hi, perfect.
  2. She’s a certified yoga instructor. So, I just started practicing yoga a few weeks ago, and even though I’m athletic, that shit is HARD! The fact that Emma has found time to not only practice but get so good at yoga-ing that she can teach it is pretty incredible.
  3. She has an incredibly hot boyfriend.  She’s too cool to date dumb actors so she sticks to athletes. Her current boyfriendMatthew Janney is a rugby player from Oxford University.  A guy with looks at muscles? Yes, please!
  4. She wears spanx.  I don’t trust women who don’t wear spanx.  You could be 90 lbs. but nothing is more reassuring than a good pair of spanx, which Emma proved at a recent Noah premiere when she accidentally let them show on the red carpet.
  5. She goes commando.  Though she’s known to literally go commando from time to time, I’m actually referring to her love for “commando” underwear, the brand she prefers to wear because “it’s better than nothing.”
  6. She’s an athlete.  You know when you look at an actress and think to yourself, “HA! She may be pretty but at least I could beat her at arm wrestling” ?? (Just me?) Well, Emma isn’t one of them.  She’s actually very athletic.  Field hockey and tennis are amongst several of her favorite sports.
  7. … Who can dance. Usually people are born one of two things: You can dance or you can play sports.  In Emma’s case, she can do both because… obviously.  I mean the girl can break dance for goodness sakes!
  8. And she paints.  Emma is currently studying painting at Brown, and one of her recent projects was a self portrait that was applauded by many art critics.  So not only can she dance and play sports, she also knows how to paint.  It’s mind blowing.

If that doesn’t convince you of her awesomeness, please check out the gallery below because you’re obviously nuts!