Come for DILF Orlando Bloom, Stay for the Fart Jokes

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There were, like, 100 captions submitted for this photo of Orlando Bloom, and I would say about 90 of them are about farting/sharting/pooping. We are living in a golden age, my friends. A golden age of fart jokes and winning captions…

“The Face You Make When You Realize You Just Sharted!!!” – Caleb

“I knew I should’ve never slept with Lindsay….” – Ariana

“Oh no not again, I can’t believe I forgot it again!” – Patti

“The look you have when you realize you forgot the milk and your all the way upstairs” – Kit

“Dammit my wife’s hot and I dumped her!” – Sabrina

“Am I really divorcing a Victoria Secret Model?! – Erica

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