Feel Good Friday: This Aspiring Musician Who Defeated Cancer Will Warm Your Heart

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A friend of mine over at Buzznet reached out to me the other day to tell me about this incredible musician she recently met who has changed her life in less than 3 weeks.  His name is Harry Hudson.

On the same day that 20-year-old Harry, an aspiring musician, was signed to a record label and his dreams came true, he also received news about something bigger… Something that would transform his life forever: He was diagnosed with cancer.

As he began recording music for his new endeavor, he also began his chemotherapy treatments.  Determined to defy the odds, he decided to document everything along the way.  And using the footage from his journey, he was able to create a beautiful music video for his song “Learn 2 Love” that juxtaposes the negative effects of this disease with the positive, transformational value it can have on a person’s life… Of course, depending how you move forward from it.

As of January 9th, Hudson was pronounced cancer free.  With that behind him, he plans to devote his life and his music to being a positive and inspirational role model for others, helping them persevere through their own struggles.

“Learn 2 Love” is his first example of that.  Not only does it spread a message of hope and love, all the proceeds from the song are going to the American Cancer Society.

You can watch the “Learn 2 Love” music video above and learn more about Harry Hudson’s story by clicking here.