Lindsay Lohan Meets Her Half-Brother for the First Time

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Just a few weeks ago Lindsay Lohan vowed she wanted absolutely nothing to do with her father Michael Lohan‘s “random children” from different mothers, including her 14-month-old half-brother Landon.

“I do not want to talk about your two other random f*cking kids,” she snapped at her father during her self-titled OWN series. “They are not part of my life, and they never will be,” referring not only to Landon but her half-sister Ashley, too.

But it appears the 27-year-old star has had a change of heart.

Michael revealed that Lindsay not only met her toddler half-brother, but even managed to bond with him, too.

“All of my kids got to meet Landon,” he told RadarOnline.  “Ali was the most amazing, but Lindsay bonded with him and so did my other children.”

Michael continued, “It was a great experience for me and Landon, and I think them, too.”

Other than mending family relationships, LiLo’s been busy filming for 2 Broke Girls and posing for a new Terry Richardson shoot.